About Us

Why the name JayBee Natural Products and What does it Mean?

Sandra had two things in mind when creating JayBee Natural Products and that was her children, Justin and Brittaney (hence the name JayBee).

aboutSandra exhibited a passion for a safe and eco-friendly environment for her children and their everyday surroundings.

Fast forward 20 years, and the platform of JayBee Natural Products continues with the third generation experiencing the benefits of a healthy, safe, and “green” world. Meet Brittaney’s
daughter, Nyah and Justin’s daughter, Emma!

(L to R) Brittaney, Nyah, Emma, Justin

(L to R) Brittaney, Nyah, Emma, Justin

Sandra’s background includes 25+ years of experience in the pest control industry in which she successfully owned and operated her own company.  She became the #1 leader in wildlife extraction in Arizona, eventually offering humane, eco-friendly pigeon deterrent services nationwide. Her years of extensive studies on the impact of diseases caused by pest animals, specifically, pigeons, flourished her desire for a cleaner environment.    Before long, her yearning to use organic, green products at home and around her children became her aspiration in the pest control industry. Thus, JayBee Natural Products was born.

Sandra worked with the highest leading chemists in the country to develop the first line of products, being a pest control line. The interest of these products grew immensely and so did Sandra’s compassion to help others. Although we still offer our line of products to those who are interested, our main focus is helping others bring their idea to reality.  JayBee Natural Products has become the “unknown” name to thousands of products worldwide through private label opportunities and growing at an astounding rate due to its regard of top quality raw materials and versatility of custom blends.

Our modern, innovated and professional lab allows ideas to become reality.  The opportunities are endless for all industry types due to our wide range of pest control products, animal deterrents, household cleaners, auto detailers, solar panel cleaner, degreasers, children’s safe and healthy toy cleaners, high chair cleaners, pet supplies, etc.  We are the answer to industries such as restaurants and schools who have requirements that need to be met with sensitivity.

Our state-of-the-art bottling plant provides above standard expectations for wholesalers and end users.  We manufacture industrial, institutional and specialty products for interested parties of all sizes.  Our logistic team is readily available to assist with freight deliveries and/or individual drop shipment.

Our team has the knowledge and reputation to formulate an idea from conception to completion and you, the client, sit back and enjoy the benefits of owning your own company.