Custom Blends

Our high quality custom blends are designed to create a unique brand for your enrichment. We have thousands of eco-friendly active and inactive ingredients to choose from, all of which qualify for EPA Exemption. Our team of chemists have the knowledge to guide you through the process of creating a product that is either distinctive in the marketplace or competitive with other similar products. All blends are kept confidential and never released to the public. We only use high quality raw materials and will never compromise our reputation to use less than that expected. You can walk away with the confidence of knowing your brand has been created with the highest knowledge, reputation, and materials available. Our products are made for industrial, institutional, and/or private use. We encourage industries of all categories to join us in the trend of creating a safer environment through the creation of “green product lines” and minimizing the impact on the environment, while at the same time, creating a residual income. Our custom blends are not restricted to any one industry in particular. We encourage you to be creative and design a line of multiple uses for an enhanced business experience. Choose from household cleaning products, pest control sprays, auto detailing solutions, sensitive baby and pet lines, solar panel cleaners, the choices are endless!

Stock Blends

Here are just a few of our suggestions:

Auto Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Auto Carpet Cleaner
Auto Upholstery Cleaner

Engine Degreaser
Tire Shine
Auto Detailer

Bed Bug Killer
General Pest Control
Tick/Flea Control
Household Lice Prevention
Rodent Control Spray
Gopher Deterrent

Deer Repellent
Fruit Fly Trap
Spider Web Deterrent
Household Ant Killer
Mice Deterrent Granules

High Chair Cleaner
Toy Cleaner
Backpack/Clothes Lice Deterrent

Crib Cleaner
Playpen Mat Cleaner
Diaper Bag Cleaner

Food/Water Dish Cleaner
Toy Cleaner
Bed Cleaner

Tick/Flea Bed Control
Pet Stain Remover

Grill Degreaser
All-purpose Cleaner
Mop Solution
Grease Digester

Drain Clean-Out
Urinal/Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Grease Trap
Glass Cleaner

Graffiti Remover
Odor Control

Solar Panel Shine