JayBee Natural Products is here to help you from the start.  Whether you have an idea for a product or you are just looking for a residual income and don’t know where to start, we can assist in making your dreams become reality.  With our wide span of custom blends, your brand can extend beyond imagination.  We have the knowledge and expertise to mentor you in thinking outside the box.  Our branding experts have helped thousands of individuals morph an idea into worldwide brands.  We believe by working with one mentor throughout the entire process will provide you with the best service possible.  Establishing a relationship with your mentor will allow for better understanding of your ideas and get your product to market that much faster.


We offer a large variety of bottles to fulfill your vision for your brand, whether it be spray bottles, pour bottles, large bottles or small, we will meet your needs.  Our design team has the knowledge of competitive marketing and can assist you in selecting the bottle that best fits your brand.  Our goal is to make sure your brand will “pop” when sitting on a shelf or displayed on the worldwide web.  Our team members have completed extensive market studies for design and functionality.  They can suggest the types of hand grip molds, spray triggers, and typical product weight that your product should have based on the industry and consumers you are targeting.  We realize that the end user must be happy with all components of your brand, not just the product itself.  Quality containers and closures is of the utmost importance to achieve repeat customers.


Our team can guide you through the process of designing a professional label and assist you with the guidelines of being EPA exempt.  With our years of experience we can help you create the “WOW” factor you are looking for to get your product to market successfully.  Our modern technology ensures a perfect fit with a flawless look.   Be sure to talk to our team before printing your labels.  We will provide you with the proper measurements and wind positions compatible with our machinery.

Shrink Wrap

Our shrink wrap service provides an extra layer of protection to get your product to the consumer in a safe, professional, leak-proof manner.  So many times consumers are forced to leave reviews about a product before they even get to test it because it arrives with a leak.  JayBee Natural Products gives you the confidence of knowing your product is safely protected and bottled with care.

Heat Seal/Poly Bag

Most e-Commerce sites now require a heat seal under the cap along with each individual unit being poly bagged.  Once your product arrives at a distribution warehouse, it is set aside to go through production.  The e-Commerce entity charges you a convenience fee to prep your product in order to meet their guidelines.  Your products are unboxed and individually sent through their production line for heat seal and individual poly bag wrapping.  This process adds on days, maybe even weeks, before your product shows available on their site.  You can bypass this entire process and save money by allowing us to provide this service to you right from the start at half the price. Our heat seal and poly bag service is approved through most e-Commerce sites which allows for immediate distribution when it arrives at these warehouses.


We offer e-Commerce approved shipping direct to distribution warehouses as well as drop shipment direct to your clients.   Our logistics operators can guide you through the easy process of getting your product to the consumer.  We work with all major freight lines, as well as, ground and air providers such as UPS, FEDEX, USPS, YRC, etc.  Our warehouse team is readily available for forklift loading to save on lift gate charges.  All products are shipped in double wall corrugated cases for added protection during transit.  Pallets are stacked at a maximum height of five cases high and triple wrapped to ensure minimum pressure on the bottom cases.